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Paul Diamond Recalls Diamond Dallas Page’s In-Ring ‘Debut’ In The AWA, Praises His Managerial Skills

Paul Diamond was mixed in with some good talent during his time with Badd Company, including WWE Hall Of Famer Diamond Dallas Page.

Diamond recently spoke with WrestleZone about his time in the AWA where he teamed with Pat Tanaka as Badd Company. Page came in as their manager, something that helped the team due to their noted lack of mic skills. Diamond says bringing in DDP really helped them a lot as a team, and Diamond Dallas Page was fresh to the business at that point, but went on to have a storied career of his own.

“The one thing that I’ve always kind of realized, our shortcoming was interviews. On the mic, really at that point, [we] weren’t very proficient at it and adding Diamond Dallas Page added a lot; as far as that went. We could work with anybody, but come to interviews, weren’t what we should have been, especially when you’re World Tag Team Champions. So yeah he stayed with us. At that point, he just got in the business, had not wrestled,” Diamond said, “and of course as we know, he went on to do great things and is still doing great things.”

When asked about Diamond Dallas Page’s aspirations to wrestle back then, Diamond said there was definitely interest, and he even worked a match for Badd Company as a competitor in the AWA.

“Yeah, he had an interest. In fact, while he was with us, at one of the shows, I don’t remember exactly where it was, I think Pat was injured and wasn’t able to wrestle, and so I that was I think Page’s, probably the first match. I mean he had never wrestled before. It was him and I in a tag team, the one night,” Diamond explained, “and I’m guessing that sort of gave him even more of an itch to get in the business. But once the AWA kind of ended, I think he somehow got in contact with Dusty Rhodes, who was very responsible, had him trained and get him started as far as working.”

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