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Ron Funches Thinks Piper Niven And Charlotte Flair, Awesome Kong Would Be Great At Arm Wrestling

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Ron Funches recently spoke with‘s Tyler Treese about his role as an announcer in the new film Golden Arm, out on-demand now. The plot of the film centers around women’s arm wrestling and Funches named a few current stars he could see excelling in the competition.

“Oh, women with good, big arms that are strong. Piper Niven from WWE NXT UK. Charlotte Flair, she’s extremely strong in the arms for sure. She would be great. I think, Awesome Kong who was in AEW and then also in the GLOW show, she’s built very strong up top. I think any of them will be great. I would like to see that. I was going to say Sasha Banks. She probably has stronger arms than she looks. Even though she is a tiny, tiny woman, let’s put her in there. See what she can do.”

Agreeing that Banks might surprise people with her strength, Treese asked about Funches’ aspirations to act with more wrestlers. Funches named a few people he’d love to collaborate with, including ‘The Great One’ himself, Dwayne Johnson.

“Oh, The Rock! Because that means I’m in it big! So that would be the easiest one for me. The Rock! But if it’s like an active wrestler, I love Big E, and he’s got a great personality. I think something with him would be fun. Or just Toni Storm or any other female wrestlers because I just love to be around them anytime.”

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