Photo Credit: RING OF HONOR / James Musselwhite

Bandido Reacts To ROH World Title Win, Sarray Has An Opponent For This Week’s NXT

Bandido Reacts To ROH World Title Win

Bandido indeed proved he is “best in the world” after unseating RUSH as Ring Of Honor World Champion Sunday evening in Baltimore and fans got to hear from the new title holder on Monday.

The champ went on Twitter to briefly celebrate his big victory last night, telling fans to “DREAM IT!!!! THEN, MAKE IT REAL!!!! @ringofhonor #THEMOSTWANTEDCHAMPION #TENDIDOCOMOBANDIDO”

Bandido fought RUSH tooth and nail on Sunday before ultimately getting that 1-2-3 with a roll-up when RUSH attempted to rip the luchador’s mask off. This Tweet is the first Bandido really gets to soak in the win with fans as he was attacked by RUSH and La Faccion Ingobernable after defeating the group’s leader for the belt.

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Sarray Has An Opponent For This Week’s NXT

Toni Storm seems to not want a piece of Sarray, but Gigi Dolin sure does. NXT posted a social media-exclusive video of Sarray first getting word that Toni Storm doesn’t think she’s worthy of a match against her to which the new star of the black and gold brand expresses her disappoint. Cue Dolin, who tells Sarray that she’s more than worthy to compete against her. Sarray accepts the offer against the former Priscilla Kelly which prompts Dolin to go make it official with GM William Regal.