WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results (8/17/21)

August 17, 2021

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In-Ring Segment: Diamond Mine

Malcolm Bivens calls Kushida a coward and a liar (Kushida isn’t medically cleared to compete tonight). Kushida is ducking Roderick Strong. Bivens wants his payday so Strong is gonna have an open challenge tonight. Ilja Dragunov answers.

Roderick Strong w/Diamond Mine vs. Ilja Dragunov 

Dragunov and Strong trade submission attempts. Strong lights Dragunov up with a chop. Dragunov answers back with a chop of his own. Dragunov and Strong trade chops. Strong trips Dragunov into the bottom rope. Strong stomps Dragunov. Dragunov drops Strong with a chop. Senton by Dragunov. Strong kicks out at one. Dragunov sends Strong into the rope. Running knee by Dragunov. Dragunov suplexes Strong. Dragunov goes up top. Strong avoids Dragunov as he sails through the air.

Dragunov lands on his feet. Strong charges in and eats a high knee to the face. Dragunov lands a series of knee lifts. Strong sends Dragunov into the ropes. Dragunov tries Constantine’s Special but Strong meets Dragunov with a running dropkick to the chest. Dragunov falls out of the ring. After a distraction, Strong trips Dragunov into the ring steps. Strong slams Dragunov on the ring apron. After the break, Dragunov lands a series of German Suplexes. Strong lands a few elbow strikes. Dragunov is busted open. Strong leaps for a knee but Dragunov matrixes out of it. Head kick by Dragunov. Dragunov tries Torpedo Moskau, but Strong catches him with a flying knee. Dragunov bounces off the ropes and hits  Torpedo Moskau for the win!

Winner- Ilja Dragunov

Dragunov grabs a mic and screams for WALTER to come to the ring. WALTER doesn’t show.

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