5 Best World Championship Matches In WWE SummerSlam History

WWE SummerSlam Live Results

With 32 years of WWE SummerSlam in the books, there have been only 11 different occasions where a World Championship hasn’t main evented the show. Of course, those were occasions where the main event was a bigger special attraction match than any of the title matches, though we can’t really agree with The Undertaker vs The Undertaker main eventing the same card that had Bret Hart vs Owen Hart (more on that later).

SummerSlam has truly been an event where World Champions have been made and World Champions have further cemented their legacy. Usually, SummerSlam features the biggest possible match-ups or among the biggest match-ups for the World Championships as a special attraction.

Without getting much further, let’s look at some of the greatest World title matches in SummerSlam history.

jeff hardy
(Photo by Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images)

#5.) Jeff Hardy vs CM Punk – 2009

Jeff Hardy and CM Punk had a bitter grudge rivalry in 2009 and it got personal very quickly. Hardy would end up defending the World Heavyweight Championship against CM Punk in a TLC main event at SummerSlam and the excitement was palpable. As expected, the match delivered on all fronts, with Hardy going full daredevil mode by jumping onto CM Punk from the top of the tallest ladder possible.

It was an incredible display for Hardy, but on the night, Punk would end up getting the better of him. After the match, however, CM Punk’s World title celebrations were cut short when The Undertaker returned to take him out.

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