Image Credit: WWE

Bobby Lashley Names Stars Like Mustafa Ali, Drew Gulak & Ricochet As The Future

Bobby Lashley has every intention of beating Goldberg at WWE SummerSlam, but know that competing with stars like “Da Man” can lead to paying it forward down the road. Lashley spoke with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated about his forthcoming match against the WWE Hall Of Famer before mentioning a few names that will be apart of WWE’s future.

“[Ric] Flair said it best: To be the man, you’ve got to beat the man,” Lashley said about Bill. “Goldberg is one of the men. Everybody knows what he stands for in the ring, and he brings so much energy when he is back. I have endless respect for what he’s accomplished, but I will say this: He can’t beat me.”

“Guys of that caliber like Goldberg, they’re stars, and they get their pick of who they want to work,” The champion continued to say. “So it means a lot that he wanted this match with me. Hopefully I can do the same thing years from now with our future, guys like Ricochet, Ali and Drew Gulak.”

“I welcome this challenge,” Lashley says. “I feel confident getting in the ring with Goldberg, and I think we can do more than people expect. I want us to be the match that people are still talking about after the show is over.”