Grimes DiBiase NXT TakeOver
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Ted DiBiase Helps Cameron Grimes Beat LA Knight, Win Million Dollar Title At NXT TakeOver 36

At NXT TakeOver 36Cameron Grimes challenged LA Knight for the Million Dollar Championship with the added stipulation that Ted DiBiase would become Knight’s butler if Grimes lost the match. But Grimes made sure that the legend didn’t have to do that, as he defeated Knight and won the title.

Right away, Grimes took the fight to Knight and took out the frustration that has surely been building since he was forced to become the champion’s butler. DiBiase watched on from ringside while Grimes controlled the opening minutes of the bout; he even gave Grimes a boost with an Irish whip so he could gain momentum as he leapt over the steel steps.

Knight turned the bout around and gained the upper hand by grounding Grimes. The champion squashed Grimes’ attempt to rally, but the fan-favorite star persevered. He dodged a springboard moonsault and floored Knight with a flurry of offense. Knight blocked Grimes’ attempt to lock in the Million Dollar Dream, but he barely kicked out after a hurricanrana. Still, Knight kept fighting, and he took control of the match again with a bulldog and a slam for a two count. Grimes fired back with two kicks and planted Knight with a modified C4.

Later in the match, Grimes locked in the Million Dollar Dream and maintained the hold when Knight tried to turn it into a pin attempt. Once Knight escaped, he grabbed his Million Dollar Championship, but Grimes kicked him and stopped him from using it.

With the referee distracted, DiBiase punched Knight and locked in the Million Dollar Dream. Grimes then hit the Cave-in for the win.

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