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Mickie James On Deonna Purrazzo: Taking Her Title Would Hurt Her Ego A Lot More Than Her Spotlight

Sometimes getting even isn’t quite enough, and that’s just the case for Mickie James.

The pro wrestling legend recently appeared on the Battleground Podcast to discuss IMPACT Knockouts and AAA Reina de Reinas Champion Deonna Purrazzo’s attack on her during the NWA 73 pay-per-view event. Mickie James delved into her plans on ‘hurting’ Purrazzo’s ‘ego’ and said taking that away will hurt a lot more than anything else.

“I feel disrespected. Here’s the thing, disrespect is it just about taking her title from her, that was never my intention on coming back and just do that. I honestly wanted her to be a part of that match that night but I’m sorry that her ego had to take that away. I refuse to be disrespected and embarrassed, especially after such a great night. We’re all on cloud nine and I know that she made a statement and she obviously moved her chess piece but I don’t get as angry as I do when I just get revenge. So, I know that her championships are very precious and near and dear to her, so taking one of them or both of them from her would hurt her ego a lot more than her spotlight.”

Mickie James would then tout the ‘forbidden door’ for being the reason talent like Purrazzo could compete at NWA Empowerrr and how it would allow her to go to promotions such as AEW if the opportunity arose.

“I think that the beautiful thing about wrestling, especially now since I’ve been under contract at different places or whatever, this forbidden door thing, at the end of the day we’re independent contractors and I should be able to show up wherever I want to show up but at the same time when I look at how when business is done right is like the territories and stuff like that, you’d see a talent that was really, really hot in a town in New York or Texas and as the cycle would go through, they’d often fall out of a storyline and they would go on to a different territory and get just as hot and have different matchups and different people to work with. So, I’m all about that, the more we can lean into that, that’s really cool as long as everybody’s doing it in good business.”

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