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Effy Wins Internet Championship, Brett Lauderdale Tells Matt Cardona To ‘Take A Hike’

At GCW Get Lost Alot, Matt Cardona delivered his major announcement, and while it was initially a big one, Effy ultimately ruined his plans.

After the self-proclaimed “Deathmatch King” bragged about his lengthy reign as the Internet Champion, he stated that he intended to invoke his rematch clause for the GCW World Championship at the Fight Club show next month. In doing so, he added himself to the announced title match between Nick Gage and Jon Moxley.


But GCW owner Bret Lauderdale cut him off by saying that he’d have to earn his rematch. Lauderdale offered Cardona the chance by telling him he’d get the shot if he successfully defended the Internet Championship. Cardona accepted the challenge after Lauderdale called him a “bitch.” Effy then rolled into the ring and quickly rolled Cardona up for the three count.

With Effy’s victory, he ended Cardona’s reign, which (unofficially) spanned a decade, back to his days as Zack Ryder.

After the bell, Cardona was furious, and Lauderdale poured salt in the wound by telling the fallen “Deathmatch King” that his time in GCW is over, so he can take a hike.

In response, Cardona quickly took to Twitter and claimed that he had been “screwed” again.

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