IMPACT Wrestling Heath
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IMPACT Wrestling Results (10/7/21)

Tonight on IMPACT Wrestling, Heath makes his return to the IMPACT Zone to address the audience and The Bullet Club battle Fin Juice and Chris Sabin.


October 7, 2021, Nashville, TN

Commentary: Josh Mathews & D’Lo Brown


Chris Bey, Hikuleo & El Phantasmo vs. Fin Juice & Chris Sabin

Sabin and Bey start things off as the two athletes get to a stalemate. Juice and Phantasmo are the next up. EP stomps Juice’s toe and follows up with a springboard crossbody. Manhattan and then Atomic Drop by Juice. Phantasmo gets isolated. Juice jabs at BC but Bey and EP take him down. Bey covers for a two count. Hikuleo climbs up top and then drops down for a double axe handle on the ground.

Finlay takes it to Hikuleo. Finlay gets a big boot by the big Leo. They later get a near fall on Sabin after a chokeslam. Sabin begins to take it to Bey, but Leo hops on the apron with a chair. This allows EP to low blow Sabin. Art of Finesse gets Bullet Club the 1-2-3.

WINNERS: The Bullet Club

Gia Miller wants Josh Alexander to talk about the dynamic between he and Christian Cage. Cage has been in this game a long time. Josh is the wild card in this situation. He’s got another thing coming. He’s going to take care of Fulton and Ace and Christian will get a front row seat as his tag partner.

Heath comes back to the IMPACT Zone. “Welcome back” chants for him. He’s been out for a year. We’ve all had a bad year. Last year, BFG, he was so close to getting his contract and then the rug got pulled out from under him. He thanks his wife and kids for being “doctors at home.” He’s sad however cause he lost his best friend. He tried emailing, calling and Tweeting him. He’s not getting anything from his Rhino. How VBD has been treating Rhino has really been pissing him off. He’s out here today to call out his best friend. Instead, he gets Violent By Design. Eric Young has the mic. The Rhino Heath knows is gone. He made him better, he made him stronger, he made him more pure. How many times do they have to get rid of him? EY speaks for Rhino now. Heath says Rhino doesn’t belong to anybody. EY tells Heath that he’s going to lower his eyes, leave and never come back. Heath isn’t holding down his head for anybody. He’ll be damned if he walks out. He’s going to leave or he’s going to force VBD’s hand. Heath begins brawling. Joe Doering clotheslines him down. Deaner hops on Heath. Doering and Deaner hold Heath as EY talks trash to him, before EY takes some shots at him. He hits him with the staff of the flag and drapes it over Heath.

Willie Mack has an X-Division Title match next week. Enter Zicky Dice and Manny Lemons. They talk a little trash and it leads to a tag match tonight between Swann and Mack (who jokingly did some Steiner math earlier).


Kimber Lee, Brandi Lauren & Lady Frost vs. Tasha Steelz, Mercedes Martinez & Savannah Evans

Mercedes and Lady Frost start it off.  Frost shows her athleticism until Mercedes takes a shot at her. She tags in Brandi. Mercedes tags in Tasha and Tasha tags in Savannah. All aren’t sure of Lauren, but Evans uses her strength to down her and we head to break.

Back from it, Tasha gets a two count on Brandi. She’s been isolated for the better part of the break.  Kimber Lee gets the hot tag against Tasha.  Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Tasha doesn’t seem willing to tag in Mercedes.  Brandi kicks Savannah out and Mercedes comes in with a double underhook suplex. She downs Kimber Lee too. Tasha steals the pin.

WINNERS: Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans & Mercedes Martinez

Posy-match, Mercedes and Tasha argue, but Alisha Edwards comes out with a kendo stick to beat down Lauren and Lee on the outside.

Backstage, Alisha is upset that Kimber Lee tried to take Swingerella #3. She is irate and in enters Gail Kim. She expresses her desire to face Lee. Gail Kim grants it to her, but it’s going to be a four-way Monster’s Ball in honor of the late Daffney. Alisha is totally game for that.

“It’s All About Me” segment. Tenille Dashwood talks up their tag title chance coming this Saturday at Knockouts Knockdown. She introduces Decay as the “hosts” and they scare the heck out of Kaleb with a K. Tenille goes on a cuss word rampage before Rosemary asks her if she feels lucky? Tenille tells her this segment is over. Rosemary says their the hosts now. She acts like they’re possessing Tenille and Madison. They freak out and run off.

Moose and Morrissey make an alliance for the call your shot gauntlet at Bound For Glory. They don’t like each other still, though.


X-Division Championship Qualifier

Black Taurus vs. Steve Maclin vs. Petey Williams

Black Taurus is in control. Petey comes back with an attack and hits his signature dropkick to the back of Taurus. “Petey” chants. Taurus dives onto Maclin on the outside. Petey leaps off the top with a hurricanrana from the top to the outside on Maclin.

Back in the ring, Maclin and Williams battle it out. Big backbreaker by Maclin to Williams. Taurus savate kicks and then neckbreakers Maclin. Taurus hits a powerslam: two count.

Petey is on a roll as he hits a big German on Steve. Maclin however utilizes his knees to down both opponents, but Petey counters with a DDT. All men are down. Taurs soon gets a near fall on Maclin. Williams hits a codebreaker, but Taurus spins free of a Destroyer. Step up dropkick by Taurus. Williams finds himself in a tree of woe and Maclin spears him. Maclin goes to finish him, but Taurus saves him.  Petey nails a Canadian Destroyer on Taurus. Maclin ultimately hits his driver finish for the W.

WINNER: Steve Maclin

Christian Cage tells Josh Alexander to keep his emotions in check tonight during their tag match. He’s confronted by Christopher Daniels. Daniels is here to right the wrongs of his past and grab hold of things he’s never held (indicating at the IMPACT Title). He wanted to let him know and he’s gonna let Cage think about it.

Swinger’s Palace is packing up for Bound For Glory. A huge Dixie Carter poster is there.


Zicky Dice & Manny Lemons vs. Willie Mack & Rich Swann

Dice and Mack begin as the legal men. Dice gets splashed in the corner before getting 3D-bulldogged by Swann and Mack. He manages to tag in Manny. Lemons is getting chopped and then gets nipple twisted.  Kidney kick to Manny via Swann. Swann and Mack ultimately get the win against Manny.

WINNERS: Rich Swann and Willie Mack

Post-match, The Learning Tree attacks Mack and Swann.

Mickie James attacks Deonna Purrazzo in IMPACT’s meeting room. D’Amore makes a no touch rule between the two foes. If Mickie does, she loses her title shot, if Deonna does, she is stripped of the title. On top of that, Gail Kim gives each woman a “pick your poison” match. They both get to pick a wrestler to face one another. Mickie has first dibs and will pick an opponent for Purrazzo at Knockouts Knockdow.


Ace Austin & Madman Fulton vs. Josh Alexander & Christian Cage

Madman and Christian start it off. Madman powers him around but a few boots to face sends Fulton stumbling. Tag to Alexander and Fulton double lariats them both down. Ace gets tagged and Alexander gives him a back body drop. Stalling suplex. Two count.  Alexander finds himself on the apron and Ace dropkicks him off.

Back in the ring, Ace begins some offense. Big roundhouse by Ace. He covers, but Alexander kicks out. We go to break.

Back from it, a buzzsaw kick downs Alexander for a two count. Cage gets tagged in and is battling with Ace. Cage is isolated for a very long time against Fulton and Ace. Finally, Josh gets the tag and fireman spins Fulton from his shoulders. Kick out. Alexander nails his series of Germans until Fulton crashes into Josh from the corner.