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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

CM Punk On Possibly Facing Kenny Omega: You Don’t Start A Big Comeback Pitching Game 1 Of The World Series

Sometimes there’s a silver lining in even the worst of times, and AEW star CM Punk recently emphasized this mindset.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has affected many people’s lives for the worse, but there’s a sliver of positivity to come from the change of life over the past almost two years since the arrival of the coronavirus in early 2019. For example, CM Punk spoke with The Wrap to offer a different perspective on life over the past two years and how it may have helped wrestlers heal their bodies and have a much lighter travel schedule during the thick of the pandemic.

“It’s 100% better,” said Punk. “I don’t gotta drive into a town and try to check into a hotel at 4:30 in the morning and find out there’s a clown convention in town and all the hotels are booked up. The pandemic and the reset kind of made it to where the wrestlers have that better schedule and they have more say over– this is easier and this is the way it should be. You can’t treat us like cattle, and that’s definitely an appeal.”

CM Punk was also asked about the possibility he will work with Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega soon, a match with the latter that fans have speculated on ever since Punk arrived in August.

“Slow down, us. You don’t start a big comeback ‘pitching Game 1 of the World Series,’” he said. “I’m an artist painting my picture. Let me paint my picture. What I’m doing is very calculated, it’s very thought out.”

CM Punk bested Daniel Garcia during the 10/8 edition of AEW: Rampage; his AEW record currently sits at 3-0, including wins over Darby Allin and Powerhouse Hobbs.

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