Collector’s Corner: Chella Toys Wrestling Megastars Series 1 Hayabusa In-Depth Review (Photos)

Welcome to another installment of Collector’s Corner! Today we take a look at the recently released Chella Toys Wrestling Megastars Series 1 Hayabusa action figure!

The Packaging

This figure is an homage to the old WWE Hasbro style figures with new and old superstars of professional wrestling! It comes on a nice, super detailed card back with large imagery of Hayabusa as well as action sequence logos and all to represent the old school figures. The back of the card also has the line work showcasing other figures you can currently buy in the Megastars series!

The Figure

The figure of the late Hayabusa is pretty detailed for his scale. He has awesome detail work in his head sculpt and even scars on his chest, which are a nice touch for these style figures. Not to mention his pants with wrinkles in the legs and belt plus his detailed wrist gauntlets. It’s nice you can pose his arms independently as well for display. He will definitely fit right in with your Hasbro/Retro figure collection no doubt!


Overall, it’s a great addition to the line. Certainly a hole in the Hasbro collection as Chella Toys continues to bring unique superstars of yesterday and today into the line to help complete those old school collections. If you’re a fan of Hayabusa I highly recommend this, even if you keep him mint on card as the illustration work is fantastic to say the least. Definitely don’t sleep on Chella’s products as they continue to roll out some very impressive figures and more! You can currently get him over on!

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