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Brian Johnson Releases New Vignette, Vows To Show The World That It’s ‘Mecca vs. Everybody’

More than ever before, Brian Johnson is ready to prove that it’s “Mecca vs. Everybody.”

On October 27, Ring of Honor announced that it will be going on hiatus for the first quarter of 2022 to “reimagine” the company. Several outlets subsequently reported that the company won’t be re-signing its talent roster at the end of the year. As a result, everyone on that roster will enter free agency. Some stars have already started taking bookings elsewhere, and while Johnson, the reigning MCW Heavyweight Champion, is active outside of ROH, he’s preparing for the next chapter of his career.

In a new video released on his Twitter page, Johnson commented on ROH’s looming hiatus and explained that he’s still the “Mecca locomotive,” but he lost his home. As a result, he’s a “runaway train” that’s driven by a pure love of professional wrestling, and he’s putting the world on notice.

The message in the video is as follows:

“There’s a big difference between a house and a home,” said Johnson. “A house is a physical structure that provides you a place to sleep and store your belongings. But a home? A home isn’t just a physical structure. No, rather it’s a feeling. An innate feeling of respect and to protect at all costs. A place that, no matter what happens on the outside, when you’re at home, you feel you belong. But when one loses a house, while it’s sad, it can be rebuilt. But if one loses a home, it’s impossible to rekindle that feeling and it’s time to relocate. So as the house of Honor that I have considered home sets out for what may be its final battle, this Mecca locomotive is set to leave the station but with no destination in sight.

“This locomotive has become a runaway train, and fueling it is a passion for pro wrestling that can’t be matched. I was born in a city where passion isn’t a characteristic. It’s an expectation. And I’ve trusted this process for too damn long, and now I’m here. Here to show the world that Brian Johnson is one incredible freaking professional wrestler. Because after 15 years, I’m a man without a home. But a man without a home cannot be lost, and that means the entire wrestling world is about to find out that it’s Mecca vs. Everybody.”

In the tweet, Johnson wrote, “Give me everybody,” and the video ends with the date 12-12-2021, the day after ROH Final Battle. The conclusion also shows the logos of several promotions, from MLW, NWA and to GCW and Beyond Wrestling, among others.

Johnson has been one of ROH’s breakout stars during the pandemic era. As of this writing, he has competed on every live event the promotion has held since it returned last fall. Throughout this run, he has feuded with Danhausen, faced off against PCO, and successfully teamed up with Mark Briscoe at ROH Glory By Honor Night Two. Most recently, he defeated veteran PJ Black in a Pure Rules Match the weekend of September 24.

Time will tell what the future holds for Johnson, but he’ll enter free agency with momentum on his side.

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Earlier this year, in an interview with WrestleZone, Johnson made it clear that all he needs is an opportunity; if he gets one, he’ll knock the ball out of the park.

I know that I am damn good. And how do I keep on doing [that] is being consistent. I’ve worked my ass off, not that everybody else hasn’t. I’m not asking for credit, I’m not asking for a Barry Horowitz, I’m not asking for that. What I’m saying is just give me the freaking opportunity and I will the ball down their throat, I will hit a home run, I will score the game-winning three, I will sink the winning putt, it doesn’t matter.”