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Photo Credit: MLW

Alex Hammerstone Has Davey Richards Is On His Bucket List, Says It Would Be A Personal Achievement

There’s a crowded list of contenders for Alex Hammerstone and his MLW World Heavyweight Championship, and facing one opponent would be a personal achievement for the champion.

Alex Hammerstone recently spoke with Wrestling Headlines and mentioned Davey Richards as being one of the names on his bucket list he’d like to defend his title against.

“It’s funny, because I would say the MLW roster has kind of been in flux, and we’ve kind of been getting our feet back underneath us as far as getting back to running consistently ever since the pandemic kind of threw everything out of whack. The last taping was the War Chamber tapings…I really was like looking around the locker room and felt like, ‘Man, we have like, our locker room again.’ And there’s a lot of new guys, a lot of new crop. So there’s definitely some up-and-coming guys who it’s just like, they’re gonna be something great. Whether you’re talking about Alex Kane, or EJ Nduka or Calvin Tankman… all these guys coming up. But as far as guys who have been there…people talk about even me and Richard Holliday. He’s been given the title opportunity by Cesaro Duran, so we never know how that’s gonna play out. As far as my own personal bucket list, I’ve still yet to wrestle Davey Richards. He’s a guy who I idolized a lot getting into the business. Now to have him in the back there…he’s one of the best to ever do it. So to prove myself against him would be a personal achievement to myself.”

Hammerstone also spoke about his ankle injury during the Fightland title match and if it affected the end of the match. Hammerstone said it changed slightly, but he willed himself to get through it so it would be a match worthy of the ones fans had been asking for.

“I’m doing good. Now. The thing was ankle injuries is they kind of nag on for months, you know, I’m just being smart, you know, keeping up braced up on wrestle and things of that nature. And as far as did it redirect what we’re doing that night? Um, you know, slightly here and there. I had to adjust my game and what I was doing, but I was very committed to finishing the match the way I wanted to. There was a time when it was like, ‘Okay, well, do you just throw in the towel? Do you just, you know, take it home early.’ But it was just like, No, these people have been wanting this main event. For years, I’m going to deliver that my main event.”

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