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Booker T Praises Rok-C’s Recent Success, Hopes ROW Gives Talent A Blueprint To Make It In Wrestling

Booker T says he’ll succeed by helping other talent succeed in the wrestling business.

Booker T recently spoke with WrestleZone ahead of Reality Of Wrestling’s “One Night In Vegas” event on November 19. During the conversation, Booker was asked about Rok-C’s Ring Of Honor Women’s Championship win. Rok-C was trained by Booker, who said that he hopes he can keep giving performers like her a platform to excel.

“First ROH Women’s Champion. First. She was the youngest Reality Of Wrestling Champion at 16, it’s awesome to see the growth of Rok-C, from being that little-bitty girl when she first started at the school to now being the ROH Women’s Champion and making her return to Reality Of Wrestling just to bless us a little bit and that’s what Reality Of Wrestling is all about,” Booker explained, “seeing them rise and hopefully they come back and shine a little light on Reality Of Wrestling.”

“It’s all about giving these young talents a chance to go out and live that life and go around the world. The first chance to go out and live that life, I had never been out of Texas, I had never been on an airplane before and I was on my way to Japan. It was such an experience and if I can give young people that same experience, what an experience that would be for me. I get so much out of seeing the Rok-C’s of the world, I get so much joy out of seeing that and I’m going to keep doing it as long as I possibly can and I must say that the joy I get out of it,” Booker explained, “while building something at the same time, while building a company, even though I don’t look for anything monetarily or anything like that, it just keeps getting bigger.

“Reality Of Wrestling, 17 years, I have not paid myself one check, I have not made one dime from Reality Of Wrestling but it keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger. That’s what Reality Of Wrestling is truly about,” Booker explained, “creating something, giving someone a springboard to that next level, creating a mega triple-A of professional wrestling at the same time, living out a dream that I never had, being a business owner and an entrepreneur, something I never dreamt about as a kid. Hopefully, I’m giving young people a direction, a blueprint to not only make it in the business but to make it in life and I think that’s what it’s about for me, for some reason or another. Just to make this place a better place before I leave it.”

Check out our full interview with Booker T at the top of this post, and learn more about the “One Night in Vegas” event on the Reality Of Wrestling website. The event will be free to watch on the ROW YouTube channel on Friday night; limited tickets are available for the live event if fans would like to attend in person.

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