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Tony Schiavone Is Going To Call Jim Ross Every Week As He Undergoes Chemotherapy

Tony Schiavone admits that he’s always been bad at keeping in touch, but he’s going to change that starting with Jim Ross. Schiavone and What Happened When co-host Conrad Thompson commented on JR just starting a 22-consecutive radiation treatment due to some cancerous spots on his body. Conrad expressed his best wishes for JR as he remains off TV to undergo the treatment before Tony stated that he’s been a lousy friend. Conrad deadpanned Schiavone in saying “yes” before Tony stated how he plans on doing things differently with the Boomer Sooner.

“I’m a lousy friend. I’m not good at keeping in touch so I thought about him and I called him and we talked and I told him, I said, ‘I’m sorry about being a terrible friend and I want to let you know that I’m thinking about you and we need you back on TV quickly cause he has a presence on TV that nobody else has.

I’m going to give him a call every week and see how he’s doing and keep up with him so our best to JR and we’ll try to hold the fort down without him cause he’s been the focal point of the announce team since the inception of AEW and he’s a lot of fun to work with. A lot of fun, as you know. Once you get him rolling, he’s the best.”

Conrad joked that AEW will be appointing seven new commentators to fill JR’s black behind the booth, which prompted Tony to say how much moving and shaking he does doing a program. However, there is one aspect that he really enjoys partaking in and that’s introducing the wrestlers to the ring for an “interview.”

“People say, ‘You’re going to the ring to do the interview?’ I say, ‘No, I’m going to the ring to hold the microphone.'”

Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone

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