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Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Hangman Page Planted Spies In The Production Truck, Still Can’t Figure Out Who Writes His Lower Third Graphics

There’s an ongoing conspiracy against Hangman Page, and the AEW World Champion is dead set on finding out who the culprit is.

All Elite Wrestling World Champion Adam ‘Hangman’ Page recently appeared on Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette and was asked about the clever lower third graphics (on-air chyrons) that are displayed when he appears on AEW TV. Hangman pointed out how someone in the production truck clearly has something against him by continuously trolling him with the captions, and he joked that he’s trying to get the production team to rat out the person responsible for it.

“I think it’s someone in the graphics truck that does all those. They clown on me all the time, I’m so pissed off about it. I tried to get snitches from the truck, I’ve planted spies in the truck,” Hangman said, “but I’m not sure it’s in the truck and not back in the studio in Nashville or something like that. I can’t figure out who it is and I’m fed up about it.

“At this point, I don’t know what to do about it. I’m ashamed that I can’t get it fixed. I guess they’re just going to keep clowning on me for the foreseeable future,” he explained, “but if I stop having lower-thirds altogether or they start being nice to me or they’re normal, then you know that I got them.”

Hangman Page is set to defend his AEW World Title during Wednesday’s “Winter Is Coming” edition of AEW Dynamite against Bryan Danielson.

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