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Photo Credit: Blue Meanie via Facebook

Blue Meanie Shares The nWo’s Initial Reaction To Seeing The bWo In ECW

Imitation is the biggest form of flattery.

ECW legend Blue Meanie recently appeared on the WSI: Wrestling Shoot Interviews podcast and would delve into meeting the nWo’s X-Pac, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan, where he was surprised to learn that the group were actually big fans of the bWo [Blue World Order] in ECW.

“When I first went to the WWE, I saw X-Pac and was like ‘hey man, hope you guys didn’t mind the bWo thing’ and he was like ‘nah, we loved it! It was cool!’ and later Scott Hall said that after a show they’d go to a local bar and put the TV on and watch ECW. Then eventually I met Scott Hall when he did that loop in ECW and he used me as a way to rip Kevin Nash, he was like ‘Well, since the bWo is the Blue World Order and Blue Meanie is me, I should be the leader of the nWo’ kind of like ribbing Kevin Nash that he should be the leader of the nWo and stuff like that.

“They were all very cool about it, Nash was great about it, I eventually met [Hulk] Hogan, briefly when I went back to WWE to do the SmackDown and RAW SuperShow and yeah, he said it was great. So, the nWo were definitely cool about the bWo.”

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