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Rick Boogs Says Shinsuke Nakamura Is Currently Sidelined With A Hand Injury

Shinsuke Nakamura has an apparent hand injury.

WWE SmackDown star Rick Boogs recently appeared on Out of Character with Ryan Satin where he was asked about aligning with Intercontinental Champion and tag partner Shinsuke Nakamura, who has also been a mentor of sorts. During the exchange, Boogs mentioned that Nakamura has been out of action due to a hand injury.

“I think it’s inevitable that it’s going to happen [getting a singles run]. I’m not looking to rush it by any means because I feel like me and Shin haven’t even scratched the surface yet of what we can do together, combining our forces. We’re just getting cooking here, we’ve only had a couple of tag matches together and he suffered a hand injury that’s kept him out for close to two months now. So, I’m just kind of looking forward to him being healthy and cleared and then for us to just kick some tail.

“From there, down the road, we’ll branch off but I’m in no rush with that. Like you were saying, it’s a new approach, pairing up the seasoned vets now with the new up-and-comers and I think it’s obviously for a reason, it just helps with getting more exposure, TV time, valuable insight. Like I don’t think he’d be as willing to help me out if I wasn’t with him, ya know what I’m saying? It’s the strong-style shred, babe. If we weren’t a pair, what’s his incentive to help me?”

Other than not taking bumps in matches he was a part of, Shinsuke Nakamura last took part in a match on the 2021 Survivor Series pre-show in November, where he defeated US Champion Damian Priest via disqualification.

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