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Ric Flair On The Relevance Of NWA Title; Praises Matt Cardona & Nick Aldis

Ric Flair believes the NWA “Ten Pounds Of Gold” still holds plenty of weight in pro wrestling. On the latest episode of Ric Flair Wooooo Nation UNCENSORED, the topic of Matt Cardona becoming the new NWA Worlds Champion gets brought up and co-host Mark Madden asks the Nature Boy if the belt still has value.

“Well to me it means everything,” Flair stated. “I’m still trying to get mine back that I sold to WWE so it must mean something to somebody. I haven’t had any luck getting it back and I want to pay for it and I asked them to get it back so it must mean something to somebody cause they won’t do it.”

Madden mentions Matt Cardona basically being the current king of the indies and Flair kept his perspective simple and positive.

“I like him a lot. He’s a real good hand,” he said. The same praise went for the former champion in Nick Aldis.

“I think he’s very good. I’m not sure why he’s not with WWE right now. I spent some time with him of course I know Mickie real well. I’ve never asked,” he continued. “He’s making a nice living with NWA and he probably is very happy with that.”

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