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Dutch Mantell Comments On Cesaro’s WWE Departure, Where He Could End Up Next

Dutch Mantell spoke with WrestleZone about Cesaro‘s WWE departure and where the “Swiss Superman” could end up next.

Former WWE manager Dutch Mantell spoke with WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard to promote the SportsKeeda Wrestling Awards. Mantell (known as Zeb Colter then) was paired with Cesaro and Jack Swagger as the “Real Americans” in WWE back in 2013, and he says that the company never could figure out what they wanted from him. Mantell says AEW could be a good fit in theory, but their expanding roster could also present issues for a talent wanting to get some more exposure.

“They just couldn’t make their mind up on the guy. Now where’s he gonna go now? I don’t know. AEW, maybe. But hey AEW can only sign so many people. Some of the ones they’ve already signed, now you don’t hardly ever see them. And I guess [Tony Khan is] just warehousing them, for what I don’t know.

“It’s a crazy business, you can’t figure it out. You can sit just back and say ‘well I think this and that and the other thing.’ You’re along with a million other people doing the same thing. And nobody’s really right.”

Although he did get somewhat of James Bond-like gimmick with his theme song and entrance attire in 2016, Cesaro never got a full-fledged character based on the character. Mantell said that he would have liked to have seen Cesaro get more of a chance with a spy gimmick and believes it would’ve gotten over with fans.

“I always thought they oughta give him a 007 spy gimmick because he looked like one. And [if they] played some of that spy music, and he would have got over, probably.”

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