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Mustafa Ali Returns On 4/25 WWE RAW, Beats The Miz And Gets Attacked By Ciampa

Mustafa Ali returned to WWE RAW on April 25, and he had gold on his mind.

The Miz hosted WWE United States Champion Theory on the latest edition of Miz TV on Monday. Theory discussed his goal to reach the next level and take the title with him. The Miz advised him that by being a champion, everyone around him would be jealous. Ali interrupted the conversation and came to the ring; in doing so, he appeared on WWE programming for the first time since the October 29 episode of WWE SmackDown.

Theory and The Miz both took shots at Ali’s requested release; “The A-Lister” asked him if he still worked there, and Theory called him “the guy who took his ball and went home.” Ali then stated that he hoped Theory would an open challenge for the title so he could answer it. He then insulted the champion by calling him “all biceps and no balls.” He also noted that Theory was trying to run away just like The Miz. The former WWE Champion tried to turn down a potential match with Ali, but Theory texted WWE Chairman Vince McMahon in order to make it official. “The A-Lister” proceeded to tell Ali that he’d make him wish he got his walking papers.

The two stars competed in a hard-fought bout, and in the end, Ali reversed a Figure-Four leg-lock into a pin for the win. He didn’t get to celebrate the victory for long, though, as former NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa blindsided him with an attack from behind. The latter was referred to as “Ciampa”, so he has apparently lost his first name.

Ali had been absent from WWE television since last fall. He took a week off for the birth of his daughter, and a reported argument with Vince McMahon prolonged his time on the sidelines. Ali requested his WWE release in January, but it wasn’t granted.

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