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Ember Moon ‘Knew’ Her WWE Release Was Coming, Enjoys Creating With No Filter On The Indies

The former Ember Moon knew she wasn’t continuing her WWE career well before her contract was up.

Athena [FKA Ember Moon] recently appeared on Insight with Chris Van Vliet and discussed her departure from WWE, which seemed to be a decision she made well in advance of her deal coming to an end.

“So I knew that I wasn’t going to re-sign so I knew that my release was coming,” Athena explained. “My contract was up in April, and they had offered me a ton of money to stay at one time. It was 5 times what I was making at that time, this was life-changing. Sometimes money can’t buy you happiness, and I know that sounds stupid to some people. I couldn’t believe what they were offering me. I was so unhappy, but some things you don’t do for money, you do for love. And this wasn’t fun for me, it was like a 9 to 5 job. For what we do every day, we risk our lives and no day is the same, so why do we feel this way?”

Knowing she wasn’t going to re-sign with the company, Athena believes that decision led to her ultimately being released from the company in November 2021.

“They ended up releasing me 3 days later, which was kind of a swerve. I got a call from creative the same day, the same hour. As I am texting creative, I saw my phone and I’m like ‘I think I am getting fired.’ So I am playing Far Cry 6, trying to sneak into the mansion and texting the writers. I get a call and I’m like ‘Here it is!’”

Athena also spoke about wrestling on the indies after WWE and it being fun, noting how she’s getting to play a bad guy in the ring, but there’s a level of respect from the fans she experiences.

“Yeah it’s great to create without a filter. I am getting to do that and also get the support of backstage crew, the companies and the fans. I am getting support in front of the people that I thrive in front of. Athena was the villain, but it’s not hard to be the bad guy again. But I feel like the indie fans are more appreciative and understanding when they see you go through 20 chairs. I do stuff because I know it’s safe, but I feel like because I had another main event the next night, people underestimate me. But it’s fun and I think sometimes the chaos of making money and fighting for a spotlight, which you shouldn’t have to do, but wrestling should be fun for all of the parties involved.”

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