Mae Young
Photo Credit: WWE

Mae Young Gets ‘WrestleRoast’d’ For The Month Of May

There may be no better way to comedically kick off the month of May than a roasting of Mae Young. Comedians Dan St. Germain, Scott Chaplin, Mike Lawrence and former WWE writer Robert Karpeles shared their latest episode of WrestleRoasts and its “Woman of The Hour” happened to be WWE Hall of Famer Mae Young. Before the gang got to the jokes, the foursome talked about the tenacity and toughness of the woman who wasn’t afraid at taking table bumps.

“That’s kind of what I saw when researching her and pretty impressive that she was headlining all these shows while all the guys were battling in World War II and yeah, I’m a Mae Young fan. I will say I really haven’t seen any of her old matches, but I’m going to now that I heard the Finlay/Bubba Ray stuff,” St. Germain stated from his car.

“It was great that she was a playable character in WWF No Mercy,” Karpeles added. “That was the toughest one to try to explain to friends who were playing this that didn’t really follow pro wrestling. ‘Oh that’s awesome! I can play as Steve Austin or The Rock or this old woman in a bathing suit!'”

“Obviously a well-known figure, a respected figure in the history, in the annals of wrestling so let’s tear her apart.”

You can catch the full episode of WrestleRoasts below:

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