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Alex Hammerstone: It’s ‘Put Up Or Shut Up’ For Richard Holliday At MLW Kings Of Colosseum

Alex Hammerstone is ready to put The Dynasty behind him as he steps into the ring with Richard Holliday at MLW Kings of Colosseum on May 13.

Major League Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion Alex Hammerstone recently sat down with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard to discuss his upcoming title defense against Richard Holliday at MLW Kings of Colosseum. Hammerstone believes the anticipation for this match is very high and that the fans are ready to see them throw down.

“I think in our industry, whenever certain situations [happens], it builds certain anticipation,” Alex Hammerstone said. “Two people who are best friends or tag team partners or stablemates. There’s always a certain curiosity of what would happen if that fell apart if that crumbled. When people are longtime enemies, there’s always a certain curiosity about what if they joined forces. When someone’s been the most hated guy in the entire company, there’s always a curiosity of what if he was on our side? What if he fought for what we wanted them to. So those situations do provide somewhat of a jumping-off point for things like you alluded to. So as this situation started to unfold, it really was something where the minute the cracks were formed, the fans were ready to just see us smash through it and deliver. And, yeah, the anticipation for this match feels very high, and it’s something that I think really got to a boiling point very quick.”

It was brought up how in another interview with WrestleZone, Mister Saint Laurent compared Hammerstone’s rivalry with Richard Holliday to tennis. Hammerstone says he never thought about it like that, but pulled from his own rock roots to compare it to his band splitting up when he was younger.

“I’ve never thought of it in any abstract terms like that,” Alex Hammerstone admitted. “And this is not by any means the same thing at all. But I do remember I used to play in a band for about probably — I think we had about a five-year run, and we were pretty well established in our area. We were kind of one of the standouts, and we’re all a very tight-knit group. But as we got older, we got into our 20s, we kind of started kind of going our own paths, we started practicing less and less, and we all interested in other things, and before we knew it, the band just kind of fizzled out. We all just decided we weren’t really doing music anymore.

“But then about a year later, the drummer and bass player in the band and then the guitarist. We all got the bug to do music again, but not with each other. So he started his band, and we started our band about the same time, and there is this like, you can’t succeed without me. We were just like my bands gonna play more shows. So I think like as The Dynasty starts kind of unraveling and go into their own separate ways, like there’s just this kind of ego that says, I was the reason we were successful. You can’t be successful without me. And although I might have wanted Richard to find his success. He maybe didn’t want me to find mine, and he maybe thought he was the reason that The Dynasty was successful in the first place. And hey, that’s his perspective, and he’ll have to put up or shut up come this weekend.”

MLW Kings of Colosseum takes place at the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia on May 13.

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