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KiLynn King: Thunder Rosa Taught Me About The Dedication It Takes To Succeed In Wrestling

KiLynn King is a student of the game and she has a great teacher showing her the way to success.

KiLynn King spoke with WrestleZone ahead of the NWA Alwayz Ready pay-per-view where she will challenge Kamille for the NWA Women’s World Championship. King has spent time working with Thunder Rosa in Mission Pro Wrestling, but their paths have also crossed in All Elite Wrestling as well.

Thunder Rosa recently spoke with and said she took KiLynn under her wing, praising her passion for the business. Asked if she could pinpoint anything specific she learned from Thunder Rosa during their time working in AEW and Mission Pro, King said that she got a firsthand look at how hard work pays off in the wrestling business. 

“I think any time I spend time with Thunder, I think it’s a refresher for my brain about how much dedication you have to have, not just in the wrestling ring, but in all the factors outside of the wrestling ring, too. It’s really easy to get into the business and be like, ‘Hey, I’m a good wrestler. Why is it anybody paying attention?’ But there’s so many other factors into it, like the grind of just getting merch out there, constantly putting content out there, making people understand. Because not everybody’s going to discover you through a wrestling match,” King explained. “Sometimes people discover you through other things that lead them to watching your wrestling. So there’s just a lot of different factors that you have to constantly be working on to make people pay attention to your brand and get invested and want to be behind you.

“So every single time I’m with her, whether we’re in a car or at a hotel room or just backstage getting ready for her show, there’s always something to observe and watch about her because she’s always moving, she’s always working, she’s always having conversations with people, making sure that the wheels are constantly moving,” she said, “and that way her brand is constantly growing. And so she truly showed me how much work it takes behind the scenes, not just in the ring, to be successful. But also too, her grind in the ring is incredible. She’s always training. And then when she’s not training, she’s at the ring. So she just showed me how much work it really takes to find success in this business.”

NWA Alwayz Ready takes place on Saturday, June 11. The event is available to pre-order on FITE now. Check out our full video interview with KiLynn King at the top of this post, where she also speaks about facing Kamille at Alwayz Ready, training with the Dudleys and Billy Gunn, her recent work with Marina Tucker and more.

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