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Batista Reveals He Had Surgery For A Torn Quad And Meniscus Earlier This Year

Dave Bautista, formerly known as WWE star Batista, took to social media to reveal that he had undergone surgery to repair a torn quad tendon and torn meniscus earlier this year.

In a post on Instagram, the WWE Hall of Fame elect superstar noted that it had been 14 weeks since his surgery, and that he’s now ready to begin getting back to work. The post was accompanied by a photo of Bautista flexing his leg muscles, as well as some shots of his leg wrapped in a cast, as well as the scar and markings from the surgery. It’s unclear exactly how he suffered the injury.

Bautista’s last official wrestling match came during an appearance at WrestleMania 35, a moment the superstar has since said would be his last match ever, as he has no plans to wrestle again. Since his departure from WWE and the world of professional wrestling, Bautista has gone on to the world of Hollywood. Over the years, he has starred as Drax in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he also appeared in Blade Runner 2049 and Dune, among other films.


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