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Marko Stunt: AEW Using My Name Was ‘Kind Of Lame’, But Makes Sense In A Way

Marko Stunt doesn’t seem thrilled that All Elite Wrestling used his name to push a current storyline.

Stunt spoke with NBC Sports Boston and was asked how he felt hearing Christian Cage namedrop him on AEW Dynamite on June 22. Stunt said no one tipped him off that it was going to happen and he understands it to a point, but still thought it was “kind of lame” overall.


“I thought it was — let me put it this way; I was not aware that it was going to be said or anything, that my name was going to be thrown out in any context, because it hasn’t been since October of last year. And for them to do it in that context, I thought it’s kind of lame. I mean, it makes sense though, in a way. I was a part of that group before [Christian] and what he’s basically saying is he came in and got me fired. So, in story sense, love it,” Stunt noted. “In real-life sense, hey, it is what it is, I guess.”

Asked if he felt like Christian Cage coming in really did lead to him being phased out, Stunt said that he didn’t agree with that. Stunt said that he and Christian played different roles and that he actually didn’t think Christian fit the original dynamic of Jurassic Express. 

“I don’t think that he necessarily took my spot because we are two completely different roles, for sure. I was more of a hype guy and he is more of a like, a leader role. [He’s] ‘I’ve been here, done this, let me show you how to get to the top’ type of role. And I think that was cool, I think that was a cool concept, but I did not think that he fit with the group at all. I didn’t think he added any sort of dynamic, really.”

Marko Stunt explained that the big goal was really to have Christian serve as a mentor to Jack Perry (Jungle Boy), as the company wanted to set him up for a big push. He noted that Christian wanted to work with Perry and Jurassic Express was his way to do that, it was just unfortunate that Christian coming in pushed Marko out. 

Luchasaurus and Christian Cage were involved in an in-ring segment on the June 22 episode of Dynamite, and Christian told Luchasaurus to “remember what happened to Marko” while he considered his next move. Since then, Luchasaurus aligned with Cage and took on a darker persona, complete with a reworked theme song.

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