Raquel Rodriguez
Image Credit: WWE

Raquel Rodriguez Cites Chyna And Beth Phoenix As Female Superstars She Relates To Most

Raquel Gonzalez recently revealed her favorite former WWE Superstars.

The former NXT Women’s Champion Raquel Gonzalez stands at 6 foot tall. Throughout her time in World Wrestling Entertainment, Gonzalez has dominated much of her competition. In April of 2021, she captured the NXT Women’s Championship after defeating Io Shirai. Now, she finds herself on the main roster of Friday Night Smackdown. In speaking with Dr. Beau Hightower, Gonzalez pinpointed some of her favorite WWE Superstars of the past, with an affinity for the Attitude Era and the “bigger females.”

“I love Chyna and Beth Phoenix. I think it’s because I related to them as the more, bigger females of the roster. So for me, I’ve just also always been bigger than everyone my age, so I just felt like I could really relate to them.”

Chyna dominated much of the Attitude Era in WWE, aligning herself with the likes of DX and Eddie Guerrero. In 1999, Chyna captured the Intercontinental Championship after defeating Jeff Jarrett. Likewise, Beth Phoenix reigns in the Hall of Famer as a former Women’s Champion and Divas Champion.

In addition, Raquel Gonzalez cited fellow Texas native, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Undertaker, and Kane as some of her favorite historical personalities.

Gonzalez recently competed in the WWE Money in the Bank ladder on July 2nd, alongside six other competitors. Although Liv Morgan emerged victorious, Gonzalez still finds herself heavily featured on the blue brand.

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