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Liv Morgan Teases Upcoming Acting Role: ‘It’s A Literal Dream Come True’

It’s clearly been a busy 2022 for WWE Superstar Liv Morgan.

The SmackDown Women’s Champion recently sat down with Alistair McGeorge of METRO to discuss a wide variety of subjects. During the interview, Morgan revealed that she recently landed a dream acting role that she can’t talk about just yet.

“I have a special surprise coming up as far as acting that I cannot say anything about. I cannot give a clue without it being very obvious,” Liv Morgan said. “But there is some news coming out very, very, very soon that is a literal dream come true! I’m sure if you think about it hard enough, you can figure it out.”

Liv Morgan has gone on record several times in the past about wanting to be killed by the horror icon Chucky. So with the show’s second season coming soon to USA and SyFy, could she have landed a role on that show? We’ll find out soon enough.

Now that she’s getting into acting, she admits there are some other dream roles she’s already missed out on, like Harley Quinn and Barbie, who are both currently portrayed by Margot Robbie.

“There’s so many roles I would love to play right now that are already being done that – I missed my generation. I would love to play Harley Quinn, I’d love to play barbie! Those two ships have sailed,” Liv Morgan laughed. “Maybe when I’m 50 I’ll still look incredible and I’ll finally be able to reprise my dream roles.”

Morgan will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Shayna Baszler at WWE Clash at the Castle this weekend. As the only woman who can boast about beating Ronda Rousey twice, Morgan isn’t taking Baszler lightly and has revealed that she’s been training with Riddle in preparation for the matchup.

“After being the only woman in WWE to defeat Ronda Rousey twice, I don’t wanna say that Shayna feels easy, but it feels like maybe it won’t be such a challenge. I’m not underestimating her,” Liv Morgan said. “I just mean that Ronda is the best of the best, and I beat her twice. I’ve been taking sparring lessons with Riddle, showing me how to defend myself, so I’ve got a couple of tricks up my sleeve that she’s not expecting. I’m not saying this disrespectfully, I know how great Shayna is – but I’ve beaten the best of the best.”

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What do you make of Liv Morgan’s comments? Do you think she’ll retain her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Shayna Baszler at Clash at the Castle? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.