Mandy Rose WWE NXT Worlds Collide
Image Credit: WWE

Mandy Rose Wins NXT Women’s Title Unification Match At NXT Worlds Collide

At WWE NXT Worlds Collide, one woman stood tall as the undisputed champion.

NXT Women’s Champion Mandy Rose faced NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport in a championship unification match. All three women threw everything they had each other, and in the end, Rose pinned Davenport. As a result, she became the Unified NXT Women’s Champion.

Here’s how the match culminated, courtesy of our play-by-play coverage:

Rose hits a superplex on Davenport. Satomura immediately lands a frog splash on Davenport. Rose breaks up the pin. Satomura lands elbow after elbow to Rose and Davenport. Satomura lays in head kicks to both Davenport and Rose. Davenport gets to her feet and tries a suplex. Rose joins in. Satomura reverses the double suplex attempt with a double DDT. Satomura lands the Satomura Special on Rose. Davenport avoids it. Satomura hits a Satomura Special on Davenport and Rose at the same time. Both women are out. Satomura hits the DVD on Rose.

Davenport breaks up the pin with a double stomp. Davenport lands a kamigoye. Satomura kicks out. Rose tackles Davenport and hits a few strikes. Satomura breaks up Davenport’s pin with Scorpion Rising. Before Satomura can capitalize, Rose hits Kiss from a Rose on both Davenport and Satomura. Satomura falls out of the ring. Rose pins Davenport.

Rose has held the NXT Women’s Championship since she beat Raquel Gonzalez at NXT Halloween Havoc in October 2021. Satomura won her title on the June 10, 2021 edition of NXT UK.

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