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Tommaso Ciampa Describes What Changed His Mind About Working On WWE’s Main Roster

Tommaso Ciampa says several factors shifted his mindset about his career, specifically regarding WWE‘s main roster.

Previously, “The Blackheart” was one of the faces of NXT, and he had noted that he was hesitant about moving to RAW or SmackDown because he enjoyed being on NXT. But Ciampa got called up to RAW in April, and he has gradually become a featured member of the roster.

In an interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Ciampa was asked to describe what changed his mind about joining WWE’s main roster.

“So much,” Ciampa said. “I get asked this all the time. Having a successful neck surgery, huge factor. Going into that and having the pain I had for as long as I had, I always felt like, your career’s ending soon. Now I don’t feel that way. Now I feel like, ‘Oh, you might have just finished the first half of your career.’ Because I’ve learned how to wrestle with it, and I’m not in pain.

“Having a child, having the pandemic happen and spending three years with her at home and having that time, now she’s at the point, she’s with me right now at SummerSlam. A lot has changed. My life has changed. My maturity has changed. The opportunities are exciting to me. There’s a lot of new opponents for me to face. It’s hard to put it on one thing.”

In recent weeks, Ciampa has challenged Bobby Lashley for the WWE United States Championship and teamed up with The Miz.

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