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New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Crowned On 9/12 WWE RAW

A new pair of WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions have been crowned, as the duo of Dakota Kai and IYO SKY took the belts tonight.

In a title match against the reigning champions Raquel Rodriguez and Aliyah, who just won the titles two weeks ago, the duo known as Damage CTRL was able to survive thanks to the help of Bayley, who was at ringside with the team. Late in the match after Aliyah hit the slingshot X-Factor on Kai, Bayley lifted her leg up and put it on the rope to keep the match going. Later on, Kai would reward the help by hitting the Kairopractor on Aliyah for the win.

For a brief recap of how things ended, check out below courtesy of our live, play-by-play coverage:

Rodriguez suplexes Kai. Aliyah and Rodriguez double team Kai. Rodriguez sends Sky and Kai out of the ring. Aliyah tags in. Rodriguez press slams Aliyah over the top rope onto Kai and Sky. After the break, Aliyah lands a flurry of offense. Kai trips Aliyah, which allows Sky to take over. Sky and Lai take turns working over Aliyah. Aliyah manages to tag in Rodriguez. Rodriguez clears the ring. Slingshot elbow by Rodriguez. Rodriguez tags in Aliyah.

Rodriguez slams Aliyah onto Sky. Sky tries a ranna on Rodriguez. Rodriguez almost turns it into a powerbomb. Sky and Rodriguez tumble over the top rope. Aliyah rolls up Kai. Kai kicks out. Slingshot x-factor by Aliyah. Bayley puts Kai’s leg on the bottom rope. Rodriguez goes after Bayley. Sky takes out Rodriguez with a moonsault to the outside. Kai hits the Kairopractor on Aliyah for the win.

Winners and NEW WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, Damage CTRL!

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