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Eddie Edwards: Facing Ken Shamrock At Bound For Glory Was A Bucket List Item

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WrestleZone recently spoke with Eddie Edwards, who said it’s hard to pick a favorite Bound For Glory moment but felt like working with Ken Shamrock was a bucket list item. Edwards faced off with Shamrock at Bound For Glory 2020 in Nashville, and he said they tried to create something unique that played to Shamrock’s style.

“You know, it’s tough. And sometimes I feel awkward choosing my own moments for myself. But in general — it might sound corny or cliche — but Bound for Glory as a whole, I feel like each time we get there, it’s the biggest show of the year. And there’s always a special feel to it,” Edwards said, “where you’re walking around in the back and you can feel there’s a buzz going on between the locker room and the front office. Everybody’s kind of on that same page where it’s like, you know, this is Bound for Glory, let’s create something special.

“I mean, honestly, being able to wrestle Ken Shamrock was, you know, that’s a bucket list type of thing. That happened recently, so that’s one that I’ll use. That was a bucket list type of thing where I was a big fan of Ken Shamrock, and had his book Inside the Lion’s Den, and I actually had him sign it for me and everything. And so going to do that match, I thought that we, with that match itself,” Edwards added, “we actually tried to create something a little bit differently, where it wasn’t just straight up pro wrestling. We tried to mix it up with Shamrock style and stuff. So I really enjoyed the fact that I got to do it that year, it came out pretty well.”

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