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Raquel Rodriguez Uses Nacho Libre To Describe Her Brief WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Reign

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Raquel Rodriguez wants another taste of the glory.

During a recent interview with Steve Fall for NBC Sports Boston, Raquel Rodriquez was asked to reflect on her brief run as one of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Raquel and Aliyah won the titles in August and held them for 14 days before Damage CTRL defeated them.

Raquel used a quote from the 2006 Jack Black film Nacho Libre to describe the bittersweet feeling she had after the title win and said that she’s looking forward to getting another shot at the titles.

“It’s bittersweet. You know, you get a taste. I hate to quote Nacho Libre at this time of my life, but you get a taste of the piece of the glory. You see what it tastes like, and that’s exactly what it was. You know what I mean, like Aliyah and I had this moment and, and honestly, for the two weeks that it was, it was absolutely amazing. I’m grateful that we won the titles and that we were able to celebrate as a tag team together and come together as two different people who have walked through the same path but at different times. And she’s an amazing person as well, getting to work with her and getting to be her tag team partner, and going through all of these things together with her is something that I’m going to cherish for my life.

“But of course, we do have to focus on Damage CTRL, because they’re doing what they said they were going to do. They’re trying to take over, and are they doing it the right way. I mean, it does take three on one sometimes for them, you know, to try and defeat me the way Bayley did a couple of weeks ago. But it does give me something to look forward to. Because I get hungry when I have these opportunities, I get so hungry, and I just want my chance at winning those titles back. And that’s exactly what Aaliyah and I deserve. We still have our redemption match, our rematch. So hopefully soon, that will be happening for us. But I’m really looking forward to just getting back in the ring with all three of those girls and just, cleaning the ring with them, you know? Just breaking them in half, getting my titles back and then going on my merry way to Texas. And to quote another big famous Texas quote, I hope Damage CTRL realizes ‘You Don’t Mess With Texas,’ you know? You don’t mess with Texas.”

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