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Recent AEW Free Agent Returns At 10/14 Rampage Taping (Spoiler)

All Elite Wrestling appears to have readded a talent who departed the company earlier this year at tonight’s AEW Rampage taping.

spoiler alert

Spoilers for tonight’s episode of AEW Rampage are below. Do not continue if you do not wish to be spoiled:

In a backstage segment with The Dark Order during tonight’s show, the faction appeared to get back on the same page with one another. When they put their hands in for a group moment, an extra hand joined the pile, revealing it to be Stu Grayson.

This certainly appears to be a huge boost for The Dark Order faction that desperately needed a spark to get back on track in All Elite Wrestling.

Grayson spoke to SLAM in August after departing All Elite Wrestling and revealed a startling statistic that he never had one singles match during his time with the company.

“Kenny Omega has tried to work with me since forever. In 13 years I had like 13 matches—something like that—it’s very hard to show the world how good you are in such a limited amount of time,” Grayson said, noting that he didn’t have one singles match in AEW. “I would trade in a hundred dark matches for 15 minutes on television.”

In clarifying why he left, Grayson stated that he didn’t want to get paid to do nothing.

“I never wanted to get paid to do nothing. I’d rather make less money and be useful than being useless and make a ton of money. That’s not how I am. I need to be challenged. I would go to the gym and hit a massive leg day so that way I’d feel challenged.”

It appears that his time away from the company allowed the two sides to sort these issues out.

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What are your thoughts on Stu Grayson returning to All Elite Wrestling? Is this the spark that The Dark Order needs to get back on track? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.