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ODB Believes Al Snow Is Very Underrated As A Trainer, Shares What He Taught Her

ODB believes that Al Snow did an excellent job training the women in Ohio Valley Wrestling.

Former IMPACT Wrestling Knockout ODB was a recent guest on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When asked about the time she spent at Ohio Valley Wrestling, ODB praised Al Snow and how underrated he is as a trainer.

“Training under Al Snow which I think he’s so underrated. You don’t realize how many people he made,” ODB said. “He has a great mind for wrestling. Shit. That’s who I owe a lot of my credit for because he just always told me he’s like, ‘You’re a woman. Don’t wrestle like a guy.’ That’s the main thing he always told us, ‘Stop wrestling like a dude with boobs.’ And it was so true. Like, no one wants to see — you know, I mean, nowadays, it’s a little different, but you’re still women.”

When asked what she was doing that Snow didn’t like, ODB spoke about the advice that Al Snow gave her as he allowed her to be herself.

“He would always tell all of us girls when you guys have matches, still do girl — not girly stuff, but still, don’t do like the guys,” ODB said. “Like if you grab a head, do something different. Just add a little uniqueness instead of pulling the hair but change it up, I guess. He’s given me so much advice, and basically, he let me be me. And he believed in me, which was cool.

“And he just said less is more. You can go out there and not do shit because I wasn’t the best. I’m not a technical wrestler. I just had basically my four moves, and I worked around it, and that’s what he told me. He’s like, just pick out your four moves, nothing fancy. And just do your thing. Character, that’s what it’s all about. Like, everyone wants to see ODB go bam and drink from her flask. That’s about it.”

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What do you make of ODB’s comments? Do you agree with the way Al Snow trained women like ODB in professional wrestling? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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