WWE NXT Results

WWE NXT Results (10/25/22): Two Tag Title Matches

The October 25 episode of WWE NXT will deal with the fallout of NXT Halloween Havoc.

Plus, Tuesday’s show will feature two tag title matches. Pretty Deadly will defend the NXT Tag Team Championship against Malik Blade and Edris Enofe, while Kayden Carter and Katana Chance will put the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship on the line against Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark.

The results are as follows:

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship: Kayden Carter and Katana Chance (c) vs. Nikkita Lyons and Zoey Stark

Carter and Lyons start the bout. The challengers gain the upper hand and overpower Carter. The champions rally and take control with some double-team offense. Chance and Carter showcase their impressive chemistry. Lyons tags in and overwhelms Chance with her power advantage. Lyons and Stark slam the champion at ringside. Starks and Lyons take turns grounding Carter in the ring. Chance doesn’t fare much better, but she eventually makes the tag, and Carter clears house with a flurry of offense. Stark fires up and slams Chance.

Carter tags back in, but Stark clotheslines her out of the ring. Starks rolls up Chance for the pin, but Chance was not the legal competitor, so the match restarts. Chance gets a two count with a diving crossbody. Lyons hits her split-legged leg drop, but Chance breaks up the pin. Carter kicks Lyons, and the champions double-team her. They pin her to retain the gold.

Winners and still WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Kayden Carter and Katana Chance

A video package recaps the main event of NXT Halloween Havoc, where Bron Breakker beat JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov to retain the NXT Championship. Dragunov says McDonagh stopped him from fulfilling his destiny. He vows to eliminate McDonagh once and for all.

A vignette teases the return of Dominik Dijakovic.

NXT North American Champion Wes Lee comes to the ring. He thanks the fans for their support and notes that he never thought he’d be a champion in WWE. Lee says that winning the title has made him feel loved and validated, and he’s forever grateful. Grayson Waller interrupts and says Lee doesn’t deserve a thing. He says he technically won his match on Saturday. R-Truth interrupts and raps his way to the ring.  He welcomes fans to Halloween Havoc and mocks Grayson Waller’s “British” accent. Waller reminds him that he’s Australian. Truth congratulates Lee for his win and keeps cracking jokes. Waller gets frustrated and says he’d love to beat R-Truth in his own house, but his mind’s not in it. He says he’ll give Truth a week to prepare. He goes to cheap shot Truth, but Truth and Lee have it scouted. They send him out of the ring. Truth accepts the challenge.

Malik Blade and Edris Enofe discuss their title match, reference Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” and make it clear that they intend to make the most of their opportunity.

Quincy Elliot introduces Shotzi ahead of her match with Shotzi.

Backstage, Apollo Crews discusses his win over Grayson Waller and makes it clear that he’s shifting his focus back to the NXT Championship.

Shotzi (with Quincy Elliot) vs. Lash Legend

Shotzi and Legend feel each other out. The veteran gains the upper hand, but Legend drills her with a big boot. Elliot distracts Legend at ringside. Back in the ring, Legend grounds Shotzi and goes for a Stretch Muffler. Shotzi reaches the ropes and rallies. She spikes Legend on her head with the Never Wake Up and pins her.

Winner: Shotzi

The Creed Brothers come to the ring. Julius Creed comments on his win over Damon Kemp and says that it’s time for Brutus to finish this once and for all. Brutus thanks Julius and tells him he loves him. He says it’s his turn to beat Kemp up. Kemp says he’s not medically cleared, but he still has five minutes of hell for the Creed Brothers. Sanga and Veer attack Logan and Brutus from behind. The powerhouses leave them lying, and Ivy Nile checks on her stablemates.

Pretty Deadly discuss their title match and say that Enofe and Blade couldn’t lace their boots.

In a video segment, Toxic Attraction talk via FaceTime. Dolin is tanning, and Jayne is at the gym. Rose gets upset she wasn’t invited for a hangout, but she has her own plans. Rose says the group will celebrate the one-year anniversary of her title win next week.

NXT Tag Team Championship: Pretty Deadly (Kit Wilson and Elton Prince) (c) vs. Malik Blade and Edris Enofe

Blake and Enofe take the fight to the champions and gain an early advantage. Wilson blindsides Blake, and the champions take control. Enofe counters a diving Wilson and tags Blade, but the champions maintain the advantage. Enofe takes Wilson and Prince down with a diving crossbody. The champions send them to the outside. Wilson takes control and suplexes Enofe. He rallies and suplexes Prince on the floor. Wilson levels him with a clothesline. Enofe tags in and clears house with a flurry of offense. He dives onto the champions at ringside. Wilson and Prince take control again. Enofe tags in, and the challenger drop Prince with a double cutter. Enofe gets a near fall on a roll-up. Pretty Deadly still pins him for the win.

Winners and still NXT Tag Team Champions: Pretty Deadly

McDonagh responds to Dragunov and says the former NXT UK Champion has been the cancer in his career, but that all ends tonight.

Backstage, Stark is asked about her loss earlier tonight. She says the win was taken away from her, and Carter and Chance are the luckiest women in WWE. Stark gets angry, and she vows to win the titles when they get a rematch.

In-Ring Segment: Schism

Wearing yellow masks, Joe Gacy, Rip Fowler, and Jagger Reid come to the ring with their new member. Gacy says pride and arrogance are commonplace in NXT. He says Schism’s strength comes from their humble unity. Gacy says togetherness is the greatest accomplishment. He says people can join the Schism or be torn down. Reid says that one must learn to control their anger, as it can bring pain, but love brings love. He says that Schism will grow stronger as a unit. Gacy says the path to everlasting unity comes through showing one’s true self. He encourages the mysterious member to take their mask off, and she does; she reveals herself to be Ava Raine (Simone Johnson). She says this family completes her, and she hugs the group.

Backstage, Indi Hartwell confronts Sol Ruca and tells her that doing cool tricks is one thing, but it’s all about winning.’

In a vignette, an unknown voice leaves a message on the WWE Performance Center’s voicemail. They encourage everyone to let go of their pain and vow to rip NXT apart.

Indi Hartwell vs. Sol Ruca

Hartwell dominates Ruca and picks up a decisive victory.

WinnerIndi Hartwell

Elecktra Lopez attacks Hartwell and Ruca after the match.

Duke Hudson attends class at Andre Chase University. Chase yells at Hudson and tells him to take notes. Hudson takes a pen from another student in order to do so.

In a promo, Roxanne Perez says she doesn’t like the person she became when she faced Cora Jade at NXT Halloween Havoc. She says she’s not sorry for what she did, as she found a new level of belief in herself. Perez notes that she has to stay true to herself and why she’s there.

Odyssey Jones rolls up as Malik Blade and Edris Enofe leave the building. He encourages them to let off some steam after their loss. Enofe gets in the truck, and Blade gets pulled in.

Ilja Dragunov vs. JD McDonagh

Dragunov charges to the ring and attacks McDonagh. He dumps his rival with a German suplex. McDonagh fires back with some chops. The former NXT UK Champion blasts McDonagh with some stiff strikes. He gets sent into the ropes, where he lands hard on his ribs. McDonagh sends Dragunov crashing off the apron, and he lands rib-first on the broadcast table. The referee calls for a medic, and officials check on Dragunov. After a commercial, Dragunov has been cleared to continue. McDonagh continues to dominate and target the ribs. Dragunov rallies with a flurry of stiff blows. He goes for a suplex, but his ribs stop him from following through. Both men are down after another blow. Dragunov charges McDonagh, but the latter catches him and locks in a submission hold. He chokes Dragunov out, and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner via referee stoppage: JD McDonagh

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