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Photo Credit: Bret Hart / Twitter

Bret Hart Was Nice To Goldberg Once

Bret Hart hates Goldberg … but it looks like he put his issues aside for a one-time photo op.

In recent weeks, Bret Hart has been vocal about his disdain for Goldberg. During a recent live stream, Hart took shots at Goldberg for injuring him and ending his career, and also said that WWE should pull Goldberg from its Hall Of Fame.

Some might say Hart has a right to be upset about how his wrestling career ended. But whatever side you take one thing is clear: Bret Hart hates Goldberg.

Except for that one time they posed for a photo together. 

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A photo of Bret Hart and Goldberg posing together recently resurfaced online, which certainly confused fans who thought Bret always hated Goldberg. It’s not a fake or photoshop, as Bret posted the photo on his own Twitter account back in 2015.

It turns out that Bret and Goldberg took the photo at the June 7, 2015 Legends of Wrestling event at Citi Field in New York. It’s unclear what made Bret drop his guard for a quick photo op, but it’s certainly a surprise to the many fans that thought his hate for Goldberg was absolute.

One of Bret’s other rivalries has been put to rest, as Shawn Michaels recently explained how they make amends and it was geniune. Read more about Michaels’ side of the story here.

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