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Allison Danger Talks Potential WWE Return, Wants To Help Build A Premier Women’s Division

Allison Danger wants to work where she can make the most impact on a women’s division.

Ahead of her one-off return to the ring on October 27, Allison Danger spoke to WrestleZone about a variety of topics. During the conversation, Danger discussed being let go from the WWE Performance Center coaching staff after a three-month stint. Ultimately, she says she would be open to returning.

“So, they know I’d love to come home. I had a conversation with someone there who, you know, was always extremely good to me. And that’s the thing, people are like, ‘Aren’t you mad at the company?’ No, I’m mad at the person that fired me because there was no reason for any of us to get fired,” Danger stated. “That was such a—like how do you fire Suzuki? Like that guy was incredible, and all the people on that list were really great at what they did. So to do it ten days after Christmas the way that it was done, like to gut such a great group of people, it wasn’t right. But I know—you know who’s fault it is. Like okay, you’ll get yours one day or over the summer. But like when I talk about Matt Bloom or Shawn Michaels, they were so good to me. Bloom was a fantastic boss to me. I loved the other coaches. And the PC’s a great facility. I loved the women there. So if the opportunity came up to go back, I’d be open to it. It would have to look a little different because I moved out of Florida and stuff.”

Not only is Danger open to returning to WWE, but she is open to working with another promotion where can make an impact on their women’s division.

“But I’m also open to going to another promotion. I just want to go where I can make the most impact on the women’s division,” Danger added. “I want where I end back up to make that the premier women’s division that everyone goes, ‘Oh, I wanna go there.’ At the height of SHIMMER, I’d go and do independent shows, and I had girls that’d come up to me and go, ‘Our goal is SHIMMER. We want to get to Berwyn’s Eagles Club. We want to get to Chicago.’ That’s great goals. You should always have evolving goals, and so for me, I want to make where I land the absolute premier. That’s where everyone wants to go because they know I’m going to look out for them, I’m going to take care of them, I’m going to build them in the best ways possible. I want to have a really cool locker room where, you know, not everyone has to be friends, but not everyone’s fighting, and shenanigans, and craziness. Like we can at least work together.”

Since her WWE release, Danger has been involved as a coach for Women’s Wrestling Army. Danger said she has enjoyed her time so far with the upstart promotion that’s been spearheaded by Maria Kanellis-Bennett and Bobby Cruise.

“I enjoy it. Her [Maria Kanellis] and Bobby Cruise put it together. Bobby Cruise and I go way back, way back to the early ROH days. I met Bobby through my brother and through Ring of Honor. So Bobby knew what I was capable of, and Maria and I have never really worked together, but would always be like ships passing in the night. We’d be like, ‘Hey, great to see you,’ and then go on and do our own thing. I feel like, at the end of the day, they really want to build something special. And I like being apart of it, and I like the roster. It was my first time being there at the Logan’s Square in Chicago, and I enjoyed the locker room. I got to work with a lot of new people, so that was really great. I got expand my reach to different talent, and see what’s going on there because I pride myself on really knowing what’s going on in different women’s division’s, both on a TV level or on an independent level.”

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