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KiLynn King Believes Empowerrr 2 Will Happen, It Comes Down To More Awareness

KiLynn King shares about her experiences working for NWA.

At NWA Hard Times 3, KiLynn King will compete against Chelsea Green and Kamille for the NWA Women’s World Championship. Ahead of the match, King spoke with Andrew Thompson of POST Wrestling. During the conversation, King provided her thoughts on the possibility of a second all-women’s NWA Empowerrr pay-per-view.

“I think there’s plenty of talent out there [for a second EmPowerrr show]. I don’t know if everybody who is a part of creating a second EmPowerrr is aware of the talent. I have the ability where I get booked on a lot of all-women shows. So I’m constantly experiencing women from all over the world whether I’m wrestling or I’m just on the same show with them. I don’t run NWA, I don’t have the wherewithal and say in all that stuff but I can’t imagine that there won’t ever be another EmPowerrr. We had a lot of women from different companies come in for EmPowerrr to represent and have a really strong roster for that show. So I think it’s just a matter of becoming aware of what’s available and finding an equally strong if not better roster for the next one because you never wanna run a pay-per-view and be like, oh, we need women so just book all these people. You wanna make sure that every booking matters for an event like that so I don’t think it’s a matter of not ever running an EmPowerrr. I think it’s just becoming more aware of what’s available and finding what works. Finding the stories and the talents that make sense.”

When it comes to getting critiques on promos and ring work, King said she loves picking the brains of veterans like Madusa and Jazz.

“It’s awesome [having Jazz & Madusa backstage with the NWA]. I love picking their brains. Sometimes in my promos, I get caught up in what I’m saying as opposed to how I’m saying it and Madusa, she would always give me really good advice about how to deliver things and I always really, really appreciate that and then sometimes, when I call matches, I love the fact that Madusa will stay by the ring and just kind of eavesdrop a little bit and just kind of insert her idea. Like, ‘Hey, I know you guys are going in this direction but what if…’ And then all of a sudden, that takes our brain in a completely different direction. I’m like, oh my gosh, why didn’t we see that before? So that is really, really cool, just to see those intricate changes that really elevate something and Jazz is just the coolest.”

King revealed Jazz always gives her honest feedback after her matches. She stated, “I always appreciate her because every single time I finish a match, she always pulls me aside and just gives me honest truth. Like, ‘Hey, this was great. But this part, what the hell?’ She picks it apart and she’s so honest with me which I love, because I’ve always told people I would rather hear critiques than praise because critiques are what help me get better and she’s never hesitated, never to do that and I love her for that. On top of that as well, she’s probably one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. You can tell every time she’s around you, she just wants all of us to do good. It’s not a matter of like, ugh, okay, this is my job, I’m here. Whatever female is given to her that day, she’s gonna pay attention, she’s gonna make sure she brings out the best and whatever you have to offer at the time and then she’ll push you a little bit more and make you even better. So yeah, I love working with them.”

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