Jeff Jarrett AEW Dynamite
Image Credit: AEW

Jeff Jarrett Appears On 11/2 AEW Dynamite, Attacks Darby Allin

In a stunning start to tonight’s AEW Dynamite, Jeff Jarrett made an appearance at the show, attacking Darby Allin and shocking the crowd at the same time.

Following a match in which Jay Lethal defeated Darby Allin after some interference from a masked man, the mystery man was revealed to be Cole Karter of the Factory. However, Sting’s music hit, causing Lethal to leave the ring and leave Allin alone. It was then that Jarrett appeared behind him, hitting him square in the head with a guitar before Jarrett knelt down in front of Allin and said that Sting has become his biggest weakness.

Jarrett then continued his sudden promo, turning his attention to the rest of the company and calling out various superstars as well as the “delusional” fanbase of AEW. Jarrett said that his family has been in the wrestling business for three generations, and that he’ll be leaving his impact at All Elite Wrestling when all is said and done.

The move comes as a shock, as Jarrett is not only a WWE Hall of Famer, but has also appeared multiple times on various WWE broadcasts in 2022. The most recent was at WWE’s SummerSlam, which saw Jarrett act as a guest referee in the WWE Tag Team Championships Match.

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