joe hendry
Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling

Joe Hendry Wins IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Title On November 10

Do you believe in Joe Hendry?

Say his name and he appears, Joe Hendry is now the IMPACT Wrestling Digital Media Champion.

On the November 10 episode of IMPACT Wrestling, Joe Hendry defeated Brian Myers to win singles gold for the first time in IMPACT Wrestling. Hendry got a little bit of help from Rhino and Heath Slater as they ejected Matt Cardona from ringside.

Here’s how it all went down courtesy of our live coverage:

Digital Media Championship: Brian Myers (c) vs. Joe Hendry

Lock ups to start. Hendry lands a suplex, cover. Hendry uppercuts Myers on the outside before eating a kick to the head. Myers delivers another boot to the head then applies a headlock on the mat. Myers hits the Trust Fall, kickout. Hendry nails a pop up powerbomb, nearfall. They go back outside where Hendry clobbers Myers. He turns around and chases Cardona off. Cardona turns around into Heath and Rhino who punch Cardona to the back. Back inside, Myers hits the implant DDT, nearfall. Hendry hits his finishing slam for the three count. And new!

Winner and NEW Digital Media Champion: Joe Hendry

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