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Ace Austin Had A Real Main Event Moment Against Christian Cage, Showed Raw Aggression Against Josh Alexander

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WrestleZone’s Bill Pritchard recently spoke with Ace Austin, who looked back on some of his pre-IMPACT work with True Wrestling, a Northeast Pennsylvania-based independent promotion where he faced ECW alumni Danny Doring and Nunzio.

“That was one of the places that really like helped me a lot with connecting with the fans. The matches, the stuff I got to do with them early on really, really helped me with, with connecting with fans. It was really one of those places that really was special to me,” Austin said.


Austin also picked out some of his IMPACT Wrestling matches against TJP and Christian Cage, noting how both respective feuds brought him to a new level.

“Working with TJP any time during my IMPACT run has been such an elevating [experience]. You have to get so creative when you’re up against somebody like him. So that really helped me elevate my in-ring game in so many ways. As far as my most recent X-Division title run goes, there’s one match that I had with Josh. We had several and they were all amazing. But there was one match I had in particular with Josh Alexander,” Austin explained, “We had such an aggressive battle. Afterward, I really felt like I brought it in a way that I never [did before], it totally unlocked a different side of aggression for me because I’ve always been so strategic and so such an accurate kind of wrestler. I’m always very fluid and I try to move very smooth and I try to be very pinpoint with my accuracy and take my shots where I know they’ll land. But that totally brought out a different side of just raw aggression in me.”

“As far as another one of those matches that just came to mind was the Christian Cage, The Victory Road match between me and Christian Cage [for the] World Title. That was one of those real main-event moments. I remember getting to the ring and then when Christian Cage came out,” he noted, “I really felt like ‘I’m exactly where I belong. I’m really in that main event spot right now.’ So yeah, that’s another one of those really good ones.”

Check out some free-to-watch full-length matches from Ace Austin’s career, including the singles match with Josh Alexander and TRUE Wrestling match with Nunzio and Danny Doring.

Ace Austin vs. Rocky Romero

IMPACT Wrestling — May 5, 2022

Ace Austin vs. Josh Alexander 

IMPACT Wrestling — April 29, 2021

Ace Austin vs. Wheeler Yuta

Beyond “Uncharted Territory” #2.02 — October 10, 2019

Ace Austin & AJ Evers vs. Nunzio & Danny Doring

True Wrestling “Fight For A Miracle 2” — August 27, 2016


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