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GCW Aura Results (11/20): Matt Cardona, Jonathan Gresham, And More

Game Changer Wrestling returned to Fete Music Hall in Providence, Rhode Island, with the GCW Aura event on November 20. The event aired on FITE+.

The results are as follows:


  • GCW World Tag Team Championship: Los Macizos (Miedo Extremo & Ciclope) defeated The Mane Event (Midas Black & Jay Lyon)
  • Jordan Oliver defeated Matt Cardona
    • In a pre-match promo, Cardona said he has a lot to be thankful for ahead of Thanksgiving. He expressed his gratitude for being ranked #13 in this year’s PWI 500. He thanked Brett Lauderdale for booking him against Nick Gage so he could put the company on the map. He said he’s thankful for the GCW Universe and stated that he’s thankful for the locker room, as everyone works hard, and they’re hungry. Cardona confused Jordan Oliver for Nick Wayne and wondered who Oliver is. He vowed to squash Oliver. Once he came to the ring, Oliver told Cardona that he talks too much. He said Cardona being in any ring makes him sick for coming around when it’s convenient and thinking he’s owed something. Oliver then said he’d beat Cardona.
  • Tony Deppen defeated Ninja Mack, Leon Scott, and Dyln McKay
    • After the match, Deppen grabbed a microphone and talks about how started with GCW. He noted that he’s wrestled in Japan and the UK, but he’s done it all by himself. Deppen says he’s tired of the disrespect, and he says GCW is this company. He calls out GCW World Champion Nick Gage and tells him he’s coming for the title. Deppen names the December 16 event in Los Angeles as the time and place.
  • Cole Radrick, Sawyer Wreck, and Dark Sheik defeated Second Gear Crew (Effy, Mance Warner, and Matthew Justice)
    • Radrick grabbed a microphone after the match and said the day marked the eight-year anniversary of the first time he trained to be a wrestler. He said he’s just a fan who chased his dream, and GCW means a lot to him because he’s gotten to do a lot of amazing things with the company. He noted that he’ll challenge Nick Gage for the world title at the December 3 event and stated that he’s not afraid of anything. Gage came to the ring, and Radrick vowed to bring it. Gage told Radrick that he didn’t care what he said. He stated that he’s on a mission, as he’s a fighting champion, and he’ll take on anyone. He thanked the fans for their support.
  • Masha Slamovich defeated Maki Itoh
  • Charles Mason defeated Allie Katch
    • Mason choked Katch out to win the match. After the bell, he handcuffed Katch to the ropes. Effy tried to make the save, but Mason choked him out, too. Mason said he didn’t want Katch, he wanted Effy all along. He told her that no one wants Katch, and management doesn’t care about her. He was about to hit Effy with a chair, but Mance Warner and Matthew Justice made the save.
  • Alec Price defeated Nick Wayne
  • Scramble Match: Shane Mercer defeated Jimmy Lloyd, Marcus Mathers, Manders, and Dustin Waller, and Chris Hamrick
  • Mike Bailey defeated Jonathan Gresham

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