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Mia Yim Explains Why She Changed Her Name To Michin In WWE

Mia Yim went with something familiar.

This week’s episode of WWE RAW saw Mia Yim addressed as “Michin”, and fans also noticed that WWE changed her name on the company website. Yim explained the meaning behind the name during a new interview with The Ten Count’s Steve Fall, sharing that it has a special meaning to her.

“Well it’s a nickname within The O.C. All the boys have their nicknames and they’re like, ‘You need a nickname too.’ [So I said] yeah, well we’ll do a nickname I’ve had since I was a kid,” Yim explained. “Something that my mom has been calling me since I was a kid, so we’ll go with that.”

Yim also confirmed that Michin means “crazy” in Korean, then explained what brought her back to WWE.

“Triple H. I have a lot of respect for him and when I found out that he took over, he was bringing all of my friends back and it just was the right time, right place. Working under him with NXT has been so fun, super — it’s so easy to talk to him. It was an easy decision to come back with him in charge, for sure.”

Update: It’s worth noting that WWE listed Yim as “Michin” on the website last night, but the profile page has reverted back to “Mia Yim”. 

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