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Triple H: Hell In A Cell Is A Giant Blowoff, Other Stipulation Matches Are Different

Triple H discusses potentially making changes to WWE‘s event schedule.

Previously, WWE Survivor Series featured elimination tag team matches, and this dynamic focused on the battle for brand supremacy between RAW and SmackDown in recent years. But a few months after Triple H took over as WWE’s head of creative, two WarGames matches were the main attraction for the show.

During the WWE Survivor Series post-show press conference, Triple H was asked about the possibility of WarGames being used at other events, rather than being the focal point of a show. He responded by addressing the rumors that match-based events like WWE Hell in a Cell might be phased out by describing how Hell in a Cell is a giant blowoff that should be used in meaningful ways. Triple H noted that other stipulation bouts, like Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank, are different.

“I think it could be. For example, Hell in a Cell, stepping away for me, I think there’s a lot of feeling that Hell in a Cell is one of those things that is a giant blowoff,” Triple H said. “If you’re calling somebody out at the end of the something, you can challenge them to Hell in a Cell. So I hear this speculation among fans a lot, and all of you as well, about Hell in a Cell, Money in the Bank, Elimination Chamber, maybe those things should all go away. Some of that, I hear. Hell in a Cell, I hear it.

“I had a highlight of my career in sort of Foley and I calling each other out in Hell in a Cell. But no one’s ever gonna challenge somebody going like, ‘That’s it. I’m tired of you. I challenge you to an Elimination Chamber with five other guys.’ It doesn’t work, right. Same thing like, ‘That does it. I challenge you to Money in the Bank.’ I feel like there’s a difference there.”

Triple H went on to emphasize that he believes WWE has to reevaluate the best way to arrange the calendar and entertain the fans. He noted that there are layers to the situation, and it’s important to keep those in mind.

“I think we have reevaluate all of that. I think we have to look at that,” Triple H said. “It’s really looking at the overall calendar and saying, what is the best place to put this? What is the best way to entertain our fans, and what makes the most sense, one after the other? It’s no different than when you look at a show and you say, ‘Okay, this match has to deliver.’

“Yeah, but it can’t take away from the rest of the show because it’s the whole show. But then it’s the whole arcing story of what we’re doing right now. Then it’s that whole year of what we put out altogether, and there’s so many layers of what we do that you gotta keep in mind all of those, and we look at them going forward. So it’s up in the air, but I think it’s something that we think about on a regular basis.”

WWE first held the Hell in a Cell event in 2009 and the Money in the Bank pay-per-view in 2010. Both shows  remained staples of the WWE calendar for the next several years, but the company did not hold a Hell in a Cell premium live event in 2022.

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