Paul Heyman
Photo Credit: WWE

Paul Heyman: ‘Sami Brings A Dynamic That None Of Us Were Prepared For’

Paul Heyman and Sami Zayn spoke with media members at the conclusion of WWE Survivor Series: War Games over the weekend and Heyman had nothing but positive things to say regarding Zayn’s work since joining The Bloodline.

Heyman referenced the fact all members of The Bloodline have been in the ring at some point and unable to contain their laughter in front of a sold out audience. He added, “Sami brings a dynamic that none of us were prepared for and we are prepared for everything. And what Sami also brings is a connection with the audience that none of us can have because we’ve been too busy being the top act in the entire industry for over two years.”

Continuing on, Heyman said, “He’s the guy that will get a guest spot on a TV series, and he ends up being part of the cast because he’s just so damn passionate and so good at what he does.”

He concluded with solidifying Zayn’s spot in the family. Heyman said “Sami Zayn was on the opposite side of Kevin Owens tonight. Kevin Owens was on a different team, he chose to be on that team. If anybody was disloyal to anybody, Kevin Owens was disloyal to Sami Zayn. He put Sami Zayn in a terrible position of having to pick his best friend or The Bloodline, the greatest faction in the history of the industry, the top star in the industry Roman Reigns, and the acceptance of Roman Reigns which makes all of us relevant. And Sami was not disloyal to Kevin Owens, he took on his opponent. He showed his loyalty to The Bloodline.”

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