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Photo Credit: Ring Of Honor

Shane Taylor: Calvin Tankman Would Be A Great Addition To Shane Taylor Promotions

Shane Taylor is always scouting for potential new members of Shane Taylor Promotions.

Ring of Honor‘s Shane Taylor was a recent guest on One Fall with Ron Funches to discuss a wide variety of subjects. When Funches asked Taylor if he would be interested in adding Major League Wrestling’s Calvin Tankman to Shane Taylor Promotions, Taylor said he would be open to that possibility.

“I do know Calvin. I’ve competed against Calvin, and I believe we fought to a draw, so there’s a lot of history there with myself and Mr. Tankman,” Taylor said. “And yeah, you’re right. He’d be a great addition to STP. A guy like that, an athlete of his caliber, a performer of his caliber. That’s a welcome addition, for sure. Again, timing [and] opportunity, all of that is there if we can make that work, that’d be dope to bring him into the fold.”

Taylor also took the opportunity to fire back at those who believe he needs to change his body type to be successful in the world of professional wrestling.

“Listen, and people have been like, well you gotta do this. I’m like, look man; I don’t need abs to knock somebody out,” Taylor said. “I never have, right? And for me personally, if my performance is there, and the people care, and the people believe what some weird old dude who, whatever he thinks about me being in trunks and baby oil. I don’t need to be in that, bro. I’m cool. I mean, that’s fine for other people if that’s what they like, cool. It’s just everybody don’t gotta look the same.”

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What do you make of Shane Taylor’s comments? Do you think Calvin Tankman would be a good fit for Shane Taylor Promotions? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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