tully blanchard
Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Tully Blanchard: I Am No Longer With AEW/Ring Of Honor

Tully Blanchard’s time with All Elite Wrestling has come to an end.

Speaking on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, Blanchard confirmed that he is no longer with AEW or Ring of Honor. He stated that, other than signings or conventions, he believes wrestling

Well, I’m no longer with AEW or Ring of Honor, or any subsidies thereof. That sounded pretty legal, didn’t it? So I would imagine that my wrestling career is probably over, other than doing autograph shows and things like we did in Nashville, although I don’t know how many retirement matches or last matches Flair can have.

When asked if his contract was up and he was done, Blanchard responded by saying, “It was a little more complex than that, but my contract is up, and I’m gone.”

Blanchard had been with AEW since 2020, and he managed Shawn Spears. He later arrived in Ring of Honor after Tony Khan bought the company, and he formed Tully Blanchard Enterprises, which debuted at ROH Supercard of Honor in April. But Prince Nana announced that he acquired the group at ROH Death Before Dishonor in July, and Blanchard hasn’t been seen in either company since.